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Work with me

You are here because you have a unique purpose and set of karmas shaping your thoughts, beliefs, and reality. The people you surround yourself with and your DAILY actions are the keys to activate your hidden potential. If you get this and are ready to release limiting beliefs and find REAL happiness by embodying the 4 areas of human life critical for to this, then I am the coach for you.

True fulfillment is connected to living your purpose, ENJOYING your financial security, connection and intimacy, and spiritual practice. My program is about mind, body and spiritual evolution, weaving my experience as an Āyurvedic Practitioner, how to work with negative emotions instead of collapsing into them, Vedic astrology, and so much to help liberate you from what you’ve been stuck- all using traditional Vedic tools adapted to this modern world for practical, real time results. Woo works when done right. 

The truth is, most conscious professionals are GREAT at career- but too often at the expense of your Soul Signature, leaving you burned out and disconnected from what’s important beyond the limits of material success- feeling connected to self, playing in ways that make you feel like a kid again, deep connection with your partner or the ability to attract one, and all the things you deeply desire.

Our time together will include Zoom calls, video modules, and weekly assignments to support you on your journey. We will literally build a powerful platform for you…together. It’s super intimate, one-on-one, coaching so I have to know you’re committed, because we go deep and become spiritual workout partners. Are you all in on yourself? LET’S GO!

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