Attention Conscious Professionals! This FREE 2-Hour Exclusive Workshop Reveals...

How to stop worrying about what other people think so you can tap into your power and purpose

Without compromising your performance

Date: Aug 8, 2022 | Time: 3:00-4:30pm CST

Join me for this LIVE Workshop...

Learn how to express all parts of yourself
AND be even BETTER at what you do!


In This FREE Training...

You Will Learn...

Remember, you CAN be totally yourself AND crush it profesionally, and I'll show you exactly how to do it in this Workshop!

This Training is For YOU if...

​If you sick of hiding who you really are at work

​If you want to tap into your spiritual side without living in an ashram

​If you know there is more to life than just work, rinse, and repeat!

This Training is NOT For YOU if...

If you are comfortable with a so-so life that doesn't make you feel good

If you blame other people for your life's circumstances

If you have no interest in making the world a better place

If you're ready to take things to the next level, express all parts of themselves with joy
and still kick ass at work, then you get to join my FREE Workshop!

An Important Message From Your Expert Guide Amaya Shiva

I'm Taking 10 Years Of Experience & Giving You My Exact Blueprint To Personal Freedom As A High Performing Professional-

"I used to worry I was too heavily tattooed to be respected as a professional, and thought I had to cover up who I really am in order to achieve success"

Hey there,
My name is Amaya Shiva, and I know what it feels like to worry about what other people think about you as a high achieving professional.


I know what it feels like to worry that your real expression might scare clients away- or even the people close to you in your life.


And after years of dealing with that…


I figured out the SECRETS that changed everything for me…


To the point that today…

I am fully tapped into my weird without apology, and my clients love me even more because of it

I overcame crippling perfectionism that left me stressed and overachieving, but super unhappy

I am part of a powerhouse community of highly successful professionals who are ALL weird af- without apology!

And I'm inviting YOU and a group of dope people to join me in this FREE 2-Hour Webinar to learn exactly how I got here... And more

importantly, how YOU can too!

Amaya Shiva

Amaya is a health and mindset coach who specializes in helping conscious professionals unlock what’s been blocking them from happiness using Ayurveda, astrology, inner child work, and emotional repatterning so you can live inspired, expressed, and without regrets! She is a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Master Coach, and Founder & CEO of Siddha Labs Āyurvedic supplements.. To connect with her and learn more about working with her 1-on-1, please find her on IG @amayashiva or email her through

Testimonials from Conscious Professionals JUST LIKE YOU! ...

Hear What They Have To Say

"I'm better at feeling and expressing all kinds of emotions.. the best part about working with Amaya is the way she holds me accountable and sees the big picture.. and positive, good changes happen as a result "

– William Herndon, Retired Professional, Dreamscape Guide

"The journey has been absolutely beautiful.. I knew I wanted to level up and rise up.. She provided a safe container to explore.. I've learned to speak from my heart.. being able to speak freely and see what I have to contribute, the gifts I have to share. "

– Jess Hoyos, RN, Regenerative Medicine, San Diego, CA

Ready To Unlock Your True Potential?

It's Time To Finally Have The Life Of
Freedom You Truly Desire

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