Conscious Codes 101

A 10 week journey to awaken your power and reveal your truth,
as a spiritually and sexually awakened human being here to serve
humanity with your LOVE, LIGHT, & FEARLESS FREEDOM

It's time to TRANSFORM your emotional and
spiritual landscapes with radical honesty, soul level
fulfillment, and sexual freedom and expression
without fear, shame or apology
so you can live life FULLY expressed on YOUR terms!

~Join Master Coach Amaya Shiva & your Soul Tribe
on this life changing journey that's been calling YOU!

Kick off Call January 5th, 5:00 pm CDT:)

~ Amaya Shiva, Master Coach, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Founder Siddha Labs

Who is this program for?

Calling conscious professionals, entrepreneurs, and freedom oriented individuals ready to awaken spiritually and emotionally to TRANSFORM your relationship to spirit, sexuality, and personal expression so you can live life on YOUR terms!

You listen to the podcasts, you've done the weekend workshops, and you know it's time for serious accountability to your highest potential with your tribe of like minded souls and a loving Guide to hold your hand as you navigate this new way of being.

Most people are stuck in emotional patterns and outdated habits that make you scared to share yourself authentically, to follow your true passions, or tell your beloved your true desires. And societal norms haven't helped.

MOST people will settle for the familiar vs. the unknown- even if it's costing them personal fulfillment, hurting their intimate relationships and stifling their fantasies, leaving you stuck in the same old sh*t that's been running the show for years.

But you're different. You're not MOST people. You make your own rules, you prioritize growth over safety, you are ready to heal emotionally and live sexually expressed, and you KNOW the only way to live life is on YOUR OWN TERMS!

AlL of you is welcome here

"Against all odds, against the current of social conditioning, being a good boy or girl, and
on the other side of shame & suppression

~ Amaya Shiva

It's time to express all of you
without fear or shame

In today's world we are conditioned to modify our true nature from a very young age so we can "fit in", from what is "cool" clothing to what we should do for work to be a "success".

This has gotten you stuck in an endless hamster wheel of work that pays well but is meaningless, a lack of depth in relationships with yourself and others, and posturing instead of actually connecting with your real purpose and tribe that uplifts you.

This has led to a culture of torturing your body with unrealistic standards of perfectionism, being scared to ask for what you really want in intimate relationships, and fear that expressing yourself will lead to losing your job or friends.

We've been taught a lie that we have to BE a certain way to get LOVE, from how we were raised to social "norms".

But the truth is- Love is LIMITLESS, and underneath all your stories, conditioning, and shame is a BRIGHT, UNIQUE LIGHT who has been BEGGING for your permission to shine.

What should you expect from this program?

This program is going stretch you emotionally, spiritually and physically so you feel excited about people witnessing you instead of being shy and withdrawn.

This program will get you inspired about your life's mission and purpose so that you feel EXCITED about the projects you're involved in, or find ones that do!

This program will change how you think about sex and sensuality and open doors to a depth of connection you've been DREAMING of.

This program will get you out of your comfort zone and into the emotional healing you've been avoiding but know it's time for.

And it's not always gonna be easy. But you're not here for a fake quick fix.

You're here to do the work and reap the rewards. Welcome home 🙂

"The changes that happened have been dramatic. I'm much more in tune with the things that speak to my Soul.. But be careful! Your life WILL change"

Chris Johns, Attorney at Law

Program Breakdown

10 weekly 90 minute calls led by Amaya reviewing each module and for hot seat coaching

Lifetime video access to 14 key trainings that go along with what we will build together

Weekly homework assignments and actionables to stretch and inspire your growth

4 small group calls with Amaya separate from the big group calls for more intimate coaching and connectio

You will be part of a TRIBE of dope, like minded individuals doing the work who will stand by your side and cheer you on.

You will learn, grow, and expand together and form LIFELONG friendships

Access to a private facebook group where you will be able to reflect on what you've learned and share with each other

And most importantly, you are gonna start CREATING the life that has been yearning
for you just as much as you have been yearning for it 🙂

Module breakdown

Module 1: Initiation and Mission

Receive a powerful initiation into your hero's journey! Get clear on the importance of living your mission and serving the
world with the magic and medicine that God gave to YOU. Learn about the biggest challenges you have faced to
embodying this up until now and get clear on what steps are next to live your TRUTH

Module 2: Empowered and Sovereign

Uncover what role you have been playing in the Drama Triangle and learn how to switch your mindset to one of
empowered sovereignty instead of playing the victim, villain, or hero in your life and personal relationships

Module 3: Understanding and Healing Trauma

Learn what trauma is, how it impacts your thinking, and how to recalibrate your
nervous system with somatic tools and awareness practices for a calm mind and body

Module 4: What's Driving You

We will take a deep dive into childhood and young adult patterns so that you can understand your behavior
patterns, and revamp your internal compass for greater compassion, curiosity, and to heal your relationship with yourself
with LOVE instead of self criticism and shame

Module 5: Loving Your Inner Child

Together we will journey down memory lane to heal the wounds of our little boys and girls with awareness, compassion,
and curiosity so that we can be free of outdated paradigms that may be controlling parts of our lives

Module 6: Healing Toxic Shame

From shame about our bodies not being perfect, to shame around wrinkles and aging, to shame about our bank accounts,
shame is the most powerful force that's been holding you back. Shame is ubiquitous in our culture, and I don't know a single person
who doesn't suffer from it on some level. We will learn how to SMASH through limiting beliefs about ourselves, our bodies,
and our possibilities in this powerful journey of freeing ourselves from this beast once and for all

Module 7: Sex! Understanding Your Erotic Blueprint

In this life changing module, we will explore an AWAKENED paradigm of sex and sensuality that will transform your sex life
from blah to KABOOM whether or not you have a partner. It's time for a healthy model of sex and sensuality that takes your
personal taste into account instead of following the model you learned watching movies as a teenager

Module 8: Self Love and Pleasure

Pleasure is about far more than genital stimulation, and in this module we will explore self love practices for
greater joy, excitement, and juiciness in all aspects of our lives. Be warned, you WILL feel amazing!!

Module 9: Living Your Purpose

Learn what it ACTUALLY means to live your purpose (hint- it's not an outcome, it's a function of who you be)
for deep fulfillment, contribution and personal satisfaction in your life

Module 10: Personal Freedom Beyond Limitation

We will explore the concept of the Ego, and what it means to let go and let God beyond our
limited personalities for an expanded and limitless feeling of SELF so that we can become
beacons of LIGHT in our homes, workplaces, and communities


"The changes that happened have been dramatic...I'm much more in tune with the things that speak to my soul. I feel so much more at peace.. But be careful-your life will change!"
"Hands down legit Queen here who will help you get in alignment with the life you deserve!!"
“I’m doing what I love with an amazing group of people and I’m getting so many DJ bookings, I swear I manifested this with help of our work together!"

It's Time To Prioritize Yourself

You are here because you KNOW there is more to life than what you have
allowed yourself to experience- Up until now 🙂

You are committed to graduate from books, podcasts, and wishful thinking into
embodying dreams so that your fantasies can become real life.

It's all there for you. And all you have to do is say YES!

About Your GUIDE

Hi! I'm Amaya Shiva

Master Coach, Ayurvedic Practitioner, and Founder at Siddha Labs sent here to SERVE humanity by helping people heal from shame, trauma, and the blame game to become fully sovereign and expressed powerhouses of light living in power, pleasure, and purpose

I am a free thinking, tattooed Goddess who has lived an incredible range of human experience, from partying with Grammy winning rock stars to sitting at the feet of Saints in the Himalayan Mountains and am equal parts free spirited, humble, courageous, and tapped in.

But the real value I bring is in lived experience and coming out the other side of a 15 year battle with debilitating anxiety, chronic back pain, and a nervous system that was absolutely WRECKED to a powerful leader, transformational space holder, and divinely tapped conduit of Truth for those I have come here to serve.

I know you are here for a reason. I know life can feel challenging, especially when you know you're ready to change, but you don't know exactly what to do. And that's where I come in..

Because I ALSO know that every single human experience can be alchemized into MAGIC and MEANING. Because I have done it over and over again. And I'm going to teach you the most POTENT tools that LIBERATED me from the bullshit that wasn't serving my highest and has radically transformed every aspect of my life.

I'm so glad you made it 🙂 Welcome to your new tribe

Frequently asked questions

We begin our journey January 5 at 5:00 pm CST for a kick off call based on an auspicious astrological timing and meet weekly for 90 minutes fr our group call, plus a small group call every other week!

This program is for conscious professionals, entrepreneurs, and freedom oriented individuals ready to awaken spiritually and emotionally to TRANSFORM your relationship to spirit, sexuality, and personal expression so you can live life on YOUR terms! It is for people who are COMMITTED to living their fullest expression and best lives for a life that is EXCITING to wake up to!

Expect to spend 3-4 hours a week on course content, and more if you choose to listen to recommended audiobooks. It all depends on deep you want to go! The course goes for 10 weeks from Jan 5 ending March 8th.

The program is led by Amaya Shiva and may include guest speakers and facilitators

The early bird investment is $2,222 USD until Nov 28. After Nov 28th the investment is $3,000.

No. Please do not stop your therapy or any medications unless under the guidance of your physician or care provider.

No refunds of any kind are offered

You can expect as much from this program as you are willing to put in. You will learn how to love yourself no matter what emotions are coming up for you. You will learn how to take responsibility for your desires and learn how to communicate them with ease. You will become deeply connected to the other souls on your journey and have a new tribe for life. You will find inspiration and purpose in your work, whether your job is raising your kids or running a Fortune 500 company. And this is only a FRACTION of what’s possible for you. Let’s GO!!!

Commit to Yourself Today!

What comes next in life is up to YOU!

🌹Are you ready to make the choices that bring a sense of purpose, career fulfillment, a
and deep intimacy with your partner and loved ones?

🔥Over the next 10 weeks you are going to learn how to do just THAT plus so much more including

❤️How to build intimacy with your beloved and overcome fear around asking for your desires

🕉How to HEAL and OVERCOME shame around sex and sensuality so that you can
become a conscious partner who elevates their partner instead of passing on trauma

👉🏻How to get clear on your CORE values so that indecision and confusion become a thing of the past

☺️How to prioritize your HAPPINESS without compromising your professional success

🔮The mindset shifts you need so that the adventures, trips, and PLEASURE you've been putting off
become a PRIORITY instead of always taking the back burner

🙋🏼‍♀️How to overcome lifelong emotional patterns that you KNOW don't serve you using my
Self Health & Personal Power Breakthrough Method

🦄And all while building deep, lifelong connections with a Tribe of like-minded Souls
who accept and celebrate ALL parts of you, not just the ones you like

Welcome home

© 2022 Amaya Shiva.

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