Calling Yoga practitioners, conscious professionals, and lovers of health

It's time to prioritize your wellbeing intelligently using time tested techniques for great gut health, glowing skin, and enhanced immunity

Without feeling confused by fitness or diet fads that just don't work long term

Start: Sep 26,2022 | Time: 6-7:30pm CST

With Amaya Shiva, Āyurvedic Practitioner and Siddha Labs CEO

Join me for this 10 week journey that will change EVERY part of you for the better...

It's time for a better way to take care of your bod... one that leaves people asking
"How old are you really??! " ;p


Need convincing? Join my webinar at this link to learn more about how learning Ayurvedic principles transformed my physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing practically overnight compared to struggling with Western medicne for over 15 years...

Over this 10 week journey

You Will Learn...

Remember, there is NO such thing as a one size fits all for health- learn what's right for YOU!

This Program is for you...

You want an intelligent, customized approach to wellness based on Ayurvedic wisdom and tradition

​If you want to tap into your spiritual side without living in an ashram

If you know there is more to lasting health than a gym body and a number on scale

This Training is NOT For YOU if...

If you love going to the doctor and you want other people to tell you what to do for with your body

If you are happy following trends blindly without substance

If you have no interest in making the world a better place through your light

If you're ready to take your health journey to the next level

If you want to age gracefully without toxic injections

If you want to feel juicy af

If you want a system to optimize your energy, digestion,
and keep your skin looking youthful

then sign up today!

An Important Message From Your Expert Guide Amaya Shiva

I'm Taking 8 Years Of Experience & Giving You My Exact Blueprint To Using Āyurveda in your Daily Life Without Becoming a Practitioner

"My whole life transformed from stressed and depressed, 15 years of chronic back pain and debilitating digestive issues to easeful health and powerful leadership in my community"

Hey there,
My name is Amaya Shiva, and I know what it feels like to care deeply about your health but feel frustrated that you can’t quite find the key to unlock your highest wellness.


I know what it feels like to want more joy and spiritual connection in your life but unsure of how to make space for it..


And after years of dealing with that…


I figured out the SECRETS that changed everything for me…


To the point that today…

I am fully recovered from crippling back pain that left me unable to walk for weeks at a time- all from simple lifestyle changes that no western doctor could point me to

I never have to wonder what's healthy for me because I know how to read the signals my body is sending me

I have a daily spiritual powerhouse that connects me to my higher Self and the Divine

I am part of a powerhouse community of highly successful, health conscious professionals who are ALL weird af- without apology!

And I'm inviting YOU and a group of dope people to join me for a 10 week journey to learn exactly how I got here... And more importantly, how YOU can too!

Amaya Shiva

Amaya is a health and mindset coach who specializes in helping conscious professionals unlock what’s been blocking them from happiness using Ayurveda, astrology, inner child work, and emotional repatterning so you can live inspired, expressed, and without regrets! She is a NAMA certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, Master Coach, and Founder & CEO of Siddha Labs Āyurvedic supplements.. To connect with her and learn more about working with her 1-on-1, please find her on IG @amayashiva or email her through

Testimonials from Conscious Professionals JUST LIKE YOU! ...

Hear What They Have To Say

"I'm better at feeling and expressing all kinds of emotions.. the best part about working with Amaya is the way she holds me accountable and sees the big picture.. and positive, good changes happen as a result "

– William Herndon, Retired Professional, Dreamscape Guide

"The journey has been absolutely beautiful.. I knew I wanted to level up and rise up.. She provided a safe container to explore.. I've learned to speak from my heart.. being able to speak freely and see what I have to contribute, the gifts I have to share. "

– Jess Hoyos, RN, Regenerative Medicine, San Diego, CA

Ready To Unlock Your True Potential?

It's Time To Finally Have The Life Of
Freedom You Truly Desire

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