Amaya Shiva

Stop playing small and hiding yourself- The World needs your light to shine!

Calling conscious professionals ready for their spiritual and emotional next level


Experience deep self love and emotional freedom with yourself and those close to you❤️

Calling conscious professionals ready to awaken emotionally and spiritually for deeper personal fulfillment in work and relationships

As a conscious professional, you work hard and have achieved success in your career and now you have choices- but you aren’t sure what to do next because you spent so much time at work that other parts of your identity have been neglected.


If you’re ready to learn how to express yourself authentically to attract your tribe, if you’re ready to prioritize your emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and you want to do it intelligently based on your deepest Soul desires without waiting 10 years figuring it out- You are in the right place! 

Hi, I'm Amaya Shiva

Master Coach, Āyurvedic Practitioner, and student of Vedic meditation and astrology here to serve conscious professionals in their evolution to becoming spiritually awakened humans inspiring love and joy in others by shining their own lights for deep personal and professional fulfillment. 

I’m not your average life coach. I’m a deeply spiritual rebel who believes that the way to self love is to LIVE YOUR TRUTH, no matter what stones you have to uncover in the process.

You have to put on your oxygen mask before you can help others 🙂 Being a conscious creator of your life isn’t some fad. It’s a soul assignment.

And I should know- I went from growing up in small town Kansas, playing in metal bands, and partying with rockstars to sitting at the feet of saints in Himalayan foothills all while honoring my unique, wild expression as a tattooed Goddess here to live her truth no matter what other people think or say. The only rules are the ones you choose!


It’s time to STOP hiding behind your career and what you “think” you should be like based on your profession, age, race, or gender and START being yourself fully and authentically to magnetize your Soul Tribe, deepen your personal relationships, and wake up EXCITED FOR LIFE!

cultivate a deep relationship with your inner child and heal generational wounds and stop carrying around stuff that's not yours

stop hiding your truth and start letting the real you come out
instead of playing small

learn new tools for communication so that you can feel safe, heard, and expressed in relationships with friends, clients, and lovers

feeling safe to surrender to unknowns and bring more joy & play into
your life

unlock energy by learning how to release emotions instead of stuffing and suppressing in way that drains you


“The changes that happened have been dramatic…I’m much more in tune with the things that speak to my soul. I feel so much more at peace.. But be careful-your life will change!”

Chris Johns, Attorney


“I’m doing what I love with an amazing group of people and I’m getting so many DJ bookings, I swear I manifested this with help of our work together!”



Areen K, DJ/Producer


“Hands down legit Queen here who will help you get in alignment with the life you deserve!! I say this from my own experience working with Amaya!”

Kati G, Nutrition Designer

Owner Dharma Cafe


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